Dorian Sari ‘La Parade de l’aveuglement’


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Dorian Sari ‘La Parade de l’aveuglement’
Spheres Projects & Centre culturel suisse Paris

March 2020
First edition
Softcover with hologram
175 × 235 mm
CMYK, 176 pages
350 copies

ISBN 978-2-909230-27-6

With contributions by Claire Hoffmann, Léopoldine Turbat, Dorian Sari, Clara Schulmann.

The catalogue ‘La Parade de l’aveuglement’ accompanies Dorian Sari’s solo exhibition at the Centre culturel suisse Paris. Dorian Sari is an observer of politics, emotions and social movements. The main core of his work is looking into human beings, cultures and he projects them with personal and collective mythology in his installations into completely fictional, theatrical, cinematographical scenes, based on psychoanalytic interpretation of man and his symbols.

Dorian Sari is an artist, researcher based in Basel and Geneva, Switzerland. His work has been shown at Centre culturel suisse Paris (France), Gallery Wilde (Basel), Kunsthalle Basel (Basel) amongst others.